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Tree Pruning Services in Chattanooga, TN

Trees are a beautiful and functional addition for your yard. However, they need love and attention to stay healthy. An important part of that work is tree pruning. When you have trees that need pruning in your yard, give Falcon Tree Specialists a call. Our team of professional arborists can quickly and efficiently prune your tree back to shape it and keep it healthy.

We serve all around Chattanooga, TN, so give us a call today.

Why Pruning Is Necessary

You may think that your tree looks fine and healthy without any sort of pruning. While your trees may look nice, they still need pruning. A few reasons why this is true include:

  • Safety: If your trees are older or large, they probably have heavy branches. If any of those branches are dead or broken, they can fall and do a lot of damage to your home, car, or family. Falcon Tree Specialists can remove dangerous branches to ensure that never happens.
  • Growth: When we come and prune your trees, we can actually help your tree grow in a certain way that helps the tree maintain the best structural integrity. Trees can grow too wild and too crooked, and we can prevent that.
  • Aesthetics: Structural tree pruning doesn’t only keep your tree in a healthy shape; it also gives your tree a professionally clean appearance.

Now that you know why pruning is important, you should know that pruning is always best during your tree’s dormant season (normally late fall or winter). Because tree pruning can be dangerous, call Falcon Tree Specialists for help.

Why You Can Trust Us

Our team of arborists loves trees, and we love satisfying our customers as well. Because of this, we always keep the tree’s health in mind when we prune. We only use ropes to climb trees instead of spikes, and our pruning strictly conforms to ISA standards. We’re ISA-certified, and we offer our services at a very affordable price.

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